So you’re having a baby!!!

Congratulations! Having a baby is such an exciting time! My goal as a doula is to help you prepare for the birth of your baby and support you in your goals for that birth. I bring no preconceived expectations or goals, I truly just want to support you!

My name is JoAnn Barnhart and I am a DONA International certified birth doula. I care deeply about women and babies and I want to see everyone have a positive birth experience which is why I chose to be a doula. Furthermore, I chose DONA International because I agree with their code of ethic and standards of practice  which you can read by clicking on the link. You can learn more about me and the services I offer by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

I look forward to possibly meeting you. My initial consultation is always free!  This provides a good opportunity to ask questions about my services. I believe that every woman who desires the support of a doula should have one! Please call or text to set up your free consultation to see if I can provide the support you and your family need!


Early on in my pregnancy I decided I wanted a doula because I wanted to labor as naturally as possible. I googled “doula near me” or something like that and JoAnn’s website came up on my search page. I read through her website, liked what I saw, felt the price was right, and I decided to give her a call. As soon as I started conversing with her I felt a peace come over me and I knew she was the right choice for me! It took some convincing to get my husband on board (he didn’t even know what a doula was and why we needed to spend money hiring one), but in the end he was very happy that I hired JoAnn.
She came to my house four times prior to the birth of my baby (one free consultation and three prenatal visits) and spent ample time with my husband and me answering any questions we had, going over labor and delivery and baby care, and building a relationship with us. She was available anytime during my pregnancy for any questions I had and provided encouragement and support in my tough pregnancy moments, especially when I had miserable days or when I was hit with paralyzing fear about labor and delivery.
When the day finally arrived for my baby to be born, JoAnn was there with my husband keeping us both calm and focused and creating a light-hearted and relaxed atmosphere. When I found out pretty early on in my labor that I was to have a cesarean section, she walked me through my fears about it, helped me focus on the positives, and encouraged me that I was making the right choice for the safety of my baby, even though it wasn’t what I originally had planned. She stayed with us during the surgery, recovery, and postpartum room placement and for several hours after to ensure we were settled in.
Having JoAnn present for my birth was honestly like having a mom in the room with me the entire time. The medical staff at the Williamsport Area Regional Medical Center really liked her as well and the obstetrical surgeon remarked at my 2-week post-op visit how much he liked JoAnn, even though he tends to be skeptical of doulas in general.
As well JoAnn visited me postpartum twice and made a point to come to my house when my mom was staying with me because she knew I wanted her and my mom to meet each other.
Even though I ended up with a cesarean section, I do not regret hiring JoAnn, not even one little bit, and I found her to be profoundly helpful, encouraging, and a voice of wisdom and reason. She was truly a calming presence and brought much peace into the room for everyone. I highly recommend her to anyone who is planning on any kind of childbirth, whether vaginal with or without pain medication, or cesarean section. She is not only an excellent doula, she is an outstanding person! Thank you, JoAnn, for everything you did for us! We are so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives!



JoAnn is a wonderful doula. She is a warm and caring person and was a delight to work with as we prepared for the birth of our daughter. JoAnn met with us several times at our home throughout the second and third trimesters to get to know me and my husband and what our goals were for the birth of our first child. She offered a number of resources (books, websites, articles and personal anecdotes) on preparing for birth, the birth process, nursing, baby care basics, car seat safety and more. JoAnn is respectful and supportive of the parents’ choice for pain relief, c-section, or completely unmedicated birth in a hospital setting. My goal was an unmedicated birth and JoAnn’s support made that possible with a happy, healthy mom and baby in the delivery room. Her strong and calm presence by my side was reassuring and my husband found it incredibly helpful to have someone to “model” different types of support and encouragement during labor and birth. After our daughter arrived, she stayed with us to get us settled into our hospital room and then paid us a visit after we came home to follow up on our transition with our little one. I highly recommend JoAnn Barnhart to anyone looking for a doula. She is a gem!



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